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4 Essential Hoop Earrings for a Modern Wardrobe

Posted on 12th Jul 2012 @ 3:20 AM

A modern look is easy to achieve when you have the right jewelry. Even if you favor jeans over dresses, you can pull an outfit together with the right hoop earrings. Hoops are a classic style, but that doesn't mean they are boring. These three styles are staples, so be sure to keep them on hand, so you will always have the right accessory for every outfit.

Modern Hoop Earrings:

Square hoops: The classic round hoop earring gets an update with a square shape. Square hoop earrings may seem like a contradiction, but these earrings go with everything and offer clean, modern lines. The geometric look of square hoops will help make a casual outfit look more put together. Square earrings in white gold or sterling silver are versatile and cool. Yellow gold squares add warmth to an ensemble.

Oval hoops: The elongated shape of an oval hoop earring gives your whole look a lean, fashion-forward style. Like square hoops, these have an unexpected shape that will give you a modern look. Oval hoops work in any metal.

Diamond hoops: Diamond hoops add sparkle to an outfit, but they're aren't as flashy or dressy as other diamond earrings. Large diamond hoop earrings go with both jeans and cocktail dresses. Smaller diamond hoops are casual enough to wear every day, making every outfit seem a bit more special. For a chic, downtown look, try black diamond hoop earrings.

Colorful hoops: Every now and then, you need to add a bit of color to an outfit. Colorful hoop earrings are the perfect way to enhance an ensemble; try wearing these earrings with a neutral outfit and letting them be the star. Add color with gemstone hoop earrings; look for purple amethysts, yellow citrines, red rubies and pink sapphires. Cubic zirconias and crystals also add a lot of color. Consider sterling silver hoops with a rainbow of bright stones.

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