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Necklaces Types | Types Of Necklaces By Length

Posted on 30th Aug 2012 @ 11:53 PM

Undoubtedly, every woman has at least a piece of necklace in her wardrobe. Within the large varieties of cheap jewelry available in the market, necklace is always the most preferred piece among women. Want to add beautiful necklace to fill your wardrobe? Then, it is necessary to learn some basic about necklace. Here is a guide on necklace types by length.


Collar Necklace

Length 12" to 13". A Victorian style of necklace which is worn snugly around the neck. They can be made out of one or multiple layers or strands. Collars look great on a long, slender neck.


Choker Necklace

Length 14" to 16". A necklace designed to sit at the base of the neck. Chokers will complement just about any size neckline but make sure that the width of your choker is appropriate to the length of your neck. A very wide choker will only exaggerate a short neck.


Princess Necklace

Length 17" to 19". The most popular necklace length. It is the perfect choice if you are not certain which length is most suitable for an occasion. It is also the perfect length for complimenting plunging necklines as well as supporting focal pieces & pendants.


Matinee Necklace

Length 20" to 24". This style is longer than the princess necklace & lays on the chest above the cleavage. A necklace with some length, 20 inches or longer, can draw the eye away from the chin and neck area to create a leaner appearance.


Opera Necklace:

Length 25" to 34". This necklace sits at the breast bone. The opera necklace hangs over the bustline and has many different options. It can be worn as a single strand or multi-layered. It can also be knotted at the neckline or above the bustline to create a stylish look. This style is versatile enough to transition from day to evening.


Rope Necklace

40 inches or greater. The rope necklace is a bold look that can be wrapped, taking it from a single long strand to multiple shorter strands. This is a very versatile necklace as it can be worn in multiple styles , A rope necklace can be worn as double or triple strands. It is best suited for a V back opening dress, which is very trendy for 2009 fashion.


Lariat Necklace:

Length 48" or greater. The lariat length normally consists of a long piece of beading quite commonly without a clasp that is worn looped or "tied" in the front, & similar to the rope necklace it can become a multi-strand necklace. Lariat look best with low neckline. Because of its versatile length, it may be tried in a knot for an appealing contemporary look.


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