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Fashion Owl Jewelry

Posted on 13th Dec 2012 @ 11:39 PM

Owl Jewelry is really cute, It had a bit of a slow start since 2009, but now the wise Owl is showing up on trendy accessories in Many Jewelry store. Here are some of the styles we have:

Owl Bracelet

Owl Bendable Leather Cuff Bracelet
This Leather Cuff Owl Bracelt, 9 colors available, price US$8.95

Owl Elastic Braclet
This Antique Silver Rhinestone Owl Stretch (Cuff / Elastic) Bracelet, 6 colors available, price US$8.95

Owl Necklace

Vintage OWL Necklace Pendant
This Vintage OWL Necklace Pendant, 3 colors available, price US$9.95

Owl Pendant
This Owl Pendant, 2 colors available, price US$4.95

Owl Rings

Stretch Owl Dome Ring
This Dome Stretch OWL ring, 8 colors available, price US$6.95

Antique Silver Plated Stretch owl Ring
This Owl ring, 9 colors available, price US$5.95

Cocktail Angry Owl Ring
This Angry Owl Ring, 8 colors available, price US$5.95

Crystal Owl Ring
This Crystal Owl Ring, 8 colors available, price US$5.95

What do you think of this Accessories trend?

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