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Vintage owl necklace pendant

Posted on 18th Dec 2012 @ 10:05 PM

Vintage Owl Necklace Pendant

While most of us see owls as bad luck messengers inspiring the dark night, black magic and even death coming, Australians who still believe in myths think owls are sacred birds because they are the souls of women.
All of these are legends of course and We personally love owls because they are interesting and smart creatures. If you are one of those who think owls are beautiful Bird and can bring luck you might like to wear such a nice and detailed owl necklace pendant included.

The vintage owl pendant come with two black bead eyes and white rhinestones ecrusted glimmering body, measures 1.125 inches, while the 15.75-inch necklace (Extra Adjustable Length 2.375 inch) is made from copper. You can get it from OKAJewelry for $9.95

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