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Basic Types Of Brooch Clasp

Posted on 27th Dec 2012 @ 4:15 AM

As well know , Brooch ( or broach ) - used to denote a clasp or fastener for the dress, provided with a pin, having a hinge or spring at one end, and a catch or loop at the other. It is a decorative jewelery item designed to be attached to garments.

How much do you know about brooch ? Today, I will talk about clasps used on brooches.

There are three basic clasps used on brooches - C Clasps ,  Trombone or tube clasps, Safety pin clasps.



C Clasps For Brooch

The C Clasps are the earliest type of clasps used on brooches, although a modified version of them can be found on newer pieces. Most C Clasps were used pre-1900 as the rollover or safety clasp was invented and in use by 1910. However, the c clasps are still occasionally used .

c-clasp-of-brooch.jpg c-clasp-brooch-01.jpg c-clasp-brooch.jpg

Safety Clasp For Brooch

A safety clasp ( rollover clasp or locking C clasp) is essentially a C clasp but has an additional metal piece that rolls over the opening to lock in the pin. Rollover clasps became popular around 1910 and are still widely used for brooch today.

gold-rhinestone-knocker-leopard-brooch-clasp.jpg safety-clasp-for-brooch.jpg

Trombone Clasp For Brooch

Trombone or push tube clasps consisted of a barrel shaped on one side of the clasp into which the pin was inserted. The tube moved from left to right for insertion and then slid back to hold tightly. Trombone clasps are primarily found in European jewelry and have been in use since the 1850's.

trombone-clasp-of-brooch.jpg trombone-clasp-for-brooch.jpg

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