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Basic Bracelet Clasps Types Guides

Posted on 10th Jan 2013 @ 6:11 AM

Bracelet clasps are integral pieces to any bracelet and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bringing both ends of the bracelet together to a secure close.

There are several types of claps used in bracelets making. Some bracelet clasps are easier to use, while others hold more securely. When you are shopping for bracelets, it is important to know how each clasp type works to decide whether or not the jewelry is right for you. Please check the below tips to choose the best jewelry clasps for your collection.



Box clasp ( pressure clasp)

Two-piece clasps that open when the exterior side lever is pushed, compressing the mechanism so that it slides out of the opening. To close, simply push it back in and it will easily click into place. This is one of the most secure bracelet clasps and can usually be fastened and unfastened with just one hand.


Box with Tongue Clasp


Box with Tongue and Safety Clasp



Works on the principle that the tension or weight on the strand keeps the hooks fastened together. The simple hook is easy to fasten but is less secure than other clasps. The hook clasp is very attractive, especially on simple bracelets.Types of hook jewelry clasps include fish hook, hook-and-eye, and S-hook clasps.



Lobster claw

Probably the most popular clasp,This fastener fits a round ring into an oval clasp. Many people find the lobster-claw clasp easier to use than the spring ring. The lobster-claw clasp is commonly found on necklaces.





This clasp has a bar that fits through a ring. It is decorative as well as utilitarian, and many toggle clasps are covered in gemstones and gold to add style to the bracelet. Toggle clasps are among the easiest to use and can quickly be fastened with just one hand.




Magnetic Clasp

A magnet clasp is a simple clasp that uses magnets at both ends of the necklace or bracelet. When the ends are brought together, the magnets quickly snap shut. Magnetic clasps are secure, easy to close and work well for both necklaces and bracelets . But they're best suited to lightweight bracelets and necklaces, since they unfasten easily. Don't recommended for use by women who are pregnant or those who have pacemakers, due the the strong magnetic field they create.




Barrel clasps

Barrel clasps are cylinder-shaped screw clasps and come in various sizes, from almost too small to handle to very large and sturdy.For very elegant designs, choose narrow styles rather than sturdy, thick barrels.




Buckle Clasp

The buckle clasp is simply a buckle, similar to one you would find on a watch. A buckle clasp works particularly well for bracelets. One end of the bracelet has a horseshoe shaped piece of metal with a bar in the middle, while the other end has holes or notches. Simply insert the notched end of the bracelet into the metal end and place the metal bar into one of the holes to secure. Buckle clasps can sometimes be difficult to close but are ideal for bracelets.



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