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Free Heart Of The Ocean Pendant Necklace for 2013 Valentine's Day

Posted on 14th Jan 2013 @ 3:13 AM

Valentine's Day, the 14th February, is a special time of year when each and every one us can really express those all-important feelings of love for that special someone. If you are looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for the special girl in your life, then you might consider the "Heart Of The Ocean CZ Pendant Necklace" - a symbol of undying love ! Absolutely a beautiful Valentine's Day gifts for your lover !

Now , You will have the opportunity to get the exquisite " Heart Of The Ocean" for free !!!

heart of the ocean pendant necklace

Our "Heart of the Ocean" Necklaces features a center heart-shaped faceted deep sapphire cz stone surrounded by a halo of sparkling rhinestones. Follow in the Titanic spirit with this fantastic pendant necklace. $16.95 Today.

Its will be a great thing if your partner find this necklace is by your "Join our this plan" not simple bought by Money.

  1. Who can Join?
  2. How To Join?
  3. Who will win?
  4. When does the plan start?
  5. When does the plan end?
  6. When will you send the Necklace?
  7. Is i will worst time if not win the Necklace?


Who can Join?

People who successfully register a account at okajewelry.com and provide a available shipping address.

How To Join?

  1. Go to the "Wishlist" Page and "Creat a New Whist list"
  2. The Wish List Name should be "Valentine", and "Checked" the "I want to be able to share this wish list" Button, and "Save Wish List", like below,
    how to add Valentine whishlist
  3. Now you have success add the new "Whishlist" Plan, Click the Wish List Name "Valentine" under the "Wishlist" Page, you will find the "Share this wish list with friends:" Links, like: http://www.okajewelry.com/wishlist.php?publicwishlist=d09fa4d85004a1c75b9ea566c041f49c
  4. Add Any products you like for Valentine gift to this wishlist, No Limited.
  5. Tell you friends "Like" you wishlist "http://www.okajewelry.com/wishlist.php?publicwishlist=d09fa4d85004a1c75b9ea566c041f49c" on Facebook
  6. Must mail us the share "Valentine" link ( such as "http://www.okajewelry.com/wishlist.php?publicwishlist=d09fa4d85004a1c75b9ea566c041f49c" ) to valentine@okajewelry.com , or you will lose the opportunity!

Who will win?

The Top 10 have Highest "Likes" will be win the "heart of the ocean" necklace (the Facebooks "Likes" at least have more than 50 people.) and have chance to win our others jewelry in your wishlist~

When does the plan start?

When you mail us the share "Valentine" link like"http://www.okajewelry.com/wishlist.php?publicwishlist=d09fa4d85004a1c75b9ea566c041f49c", your plan have started.

When does the plan end?

The Plan will end at 2013-01-28, GMT+8 10:00AM

When will you send the Necklace?

We will send all the necklaces at 2013-01-29

Is i will worst time if not win the Necklace??

No! Although you don't win the "heart of the ocean " , you still will have the chance to win our others gift, this is base on your wishlist.

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