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OKAJewelry Pre-shipment Inspection

Posted on 30th Jan 2013 @ 6:15 AM

OKAJewelry is commited to ensure each product eligible for its quality standards and be shipped to our custmoers in perfect condition by conducting a strict Pre-shipment Inspection.

From this video you can see the procedure of how our jewelry pieces are inspected before shipment:

1. Visual Inspection: Each product would first be visual inspected in gemstone cutting & matching, metal polishing & plating, etc. to avoid any defects such as blemishes, dents, bubbles, stains and other production anomalies that could take place.

2. Knocking Testing: Each gemstone jewelry piece would be knocked onto the ground for several times to ensure all the gemstones are steadily attached to its soldering latches.

3. Cleaning: After the above 2 procedures are passed, the products would be cleaned with cotton glove on the metal surface and alcohol on gemstones.

4. Packaging: Each jewelry piece would be packaged with 3 tiers of protection: EPE shockproof film wrapping the product, sponge base set in the gift box and foam film wrapping the gift box.

The purpose of this whole process is to ensure that all our fashion jewelry that have undergone the different inspection processes and tests are more than qualified for shipping and distribution. And it's also very important in the interest of each our customer to enjoy the life and beauty of your jewelry.

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