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How to match a brooch pin with clothes

Posted on 11th Sep 2013 @ 4:43 AM

Generally,you can wear a fashion brooch in front of your chest,in the middle or even biased towards one side.The brooch can be worn on the collar of the suit,in the pocket place of your chest.When matching with different material and style of clothes,a small brooch can produce different decorative effect and aesthetic effects.Here are some tips of how to wear a brooch.


Matching a brooch with clothing color

If the clothing color relatively simple, you can wear a floral brooch. A strong sense of decorative brooch can be more noble and dignified for its unique look. If the jacket is a multi-color one together with a black skirt or pants, then wear a black brooch on your flower coat coat will be much better. Because black brooch echoed with black culottes , together with collar, black side skirts and other decoration.The overall tone is formed by the black dot, line, surface.


Matching Brooch shape with clothing style

Brooches are not necessarily complicated shape, its decorative style is very strong.Sometimes, a simple look can still play a good decorative effect. Such as blue-purple dress is graceful, when pulled out a white collar. The large blue-purple will have a breathable feel with white box-type diamond brooch.the pure color simple shapes brooches can make the overall aesthetic notable. Matching half-turtleneck casual clothes with a brooch of abstract shape,you will filled with youthful atmosphere. Matching shorts, a romantic girl dress with a leaf-type brooch, you will become more playful and cute.Wear a charm brooch inn the other side of the collar suits can help you make the suit the dignified together with active movement.

Matching a brooch with clothing material

Young female student or young girls can wear chic and fun-type brooch ,but not the high -grade materials such as gold and silver. Because the girl's attire often youth and student-type based, When decorated with jeweled ornaments,there will be a bit more mature and somewhat less innocent. When dressing advanced fabrics or dress, you can not choose plastics, glass, ceramics and other materials made of brooches, because this kind of brooch is not coordinated with elegant clothes.

Matching Brooches with clothes of different seasons


Since spring and autumn clothing is of rich fabrics, styles and brilliant color, you can wear a large range of brooches.If the sweater or other clothing or fabric has flashing on the collar, chest pocket,with flash decorative edges and so on,you should be very careful when wearing a brooch in order to avoid the formation of "superfluous" feeling. If the brooch embellishment in a relatively simple coat and it will be able to fully display its decorative effect.


Most of the summer dresses are thin materials such as silk.If you wear a brooch which is large and of great weight and it tends to fall the clothes and will affect the whole appearance. So delicate brooch for lightweight is perfect for summer.


The materials of winter clothing are heavy, stiff-based, so it is good to choose brooches of metal,jeweled or of great weight.

The Fashion Brooches come in various Styles such as safety pin,sticpin,lapel pin and brooches pins.Also you can sort the Brooch by Metal like Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Alloy Brooch. We hope you find the Fashion Brooch of your dreams.Okajewelery is a good website since you can choose different kind of brooch pins.

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