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Who will Win the first $50 @OKAJewelry

Posted on 12th Sep 2013 @ 4:58 AM

Who will win the First $50, is Hema Kumar?

We launched the first Photo Contest at Facebook, the contest will end three days later, at moment @Hema Kumar have the most votes, if you interest, you can follow this link and entered.

Put okajewelry.com In the Picture - Enter by Sep.15 2013!

{{ Capture "okajewelry.com" in a jewelry photo and you are a chance to win $50 jewelry gift.


The one with the most votes will win the $50 jewelry gift. All Entered will receive some free jewelry ($2 - $25) from us.

At least 20 Entered Requested.

Okajewelry is a vision, inspired by Fashion jewelry. Arranging from trendy rings, ornate bracelet, amazing earrings to bold and glamorous necklaces, okajewelry is devoting ourselves to offer a wide range of beautiful jewelry for any fashionista with a love for the fashion trend. }}

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