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How To Wear Scarf Rings To Beautify Your Neck

Posted on 9th Oct 2013 @ 5:49 AM



Scarves can take good effefct if we uses them in proper way.When we are on business trips , we can avoid a heavy burden by taking a few scarves together with different suits in our laggage.The rectangle shaped silk scarves can create a flowing elegant atmosphere once attended the dinner. office, simple and neat bow and chain knot will give people ably feeling . If matched with a scarf ring, it must be more fantastic around your neck.Below are some ways to wear scarf rings to give your neck a beautiful look.


The first way to wear a scarf ring


1.Put the scarf around your neck and wear the two side into the buckle ends.



2. put one end into the buckle until a collar appears.



3. After the rings arranged, close the buttons.




The second way to wear a scarf ring


1.Pass the ends of the the long scarf through the buckle ,pull the ends to the back of the neck , close buttons.



2.adjust the shape of the upper collar to make sure it becomes the shape of traditional Chinese cheongsam's collar.



3.change practices: pulled to the rear ends to the front ends,put the end of the scarf into the buckle , close buttons.




The third way to wear a scarf ring


1 folded the scarf into a triangle shape , resting on the neck , and moved to the side



2. adjust the shape of the upper collar to make it to become a Chinese traditional cheongsam's collar shape, both sides will be made rings, and through the buttons




3.Adjust the scarf to a butterfly-shaped and then close the clasp.




Once you know how to wear a scarf ring,your neck will become much more beautiful.The beautiful scarf ring will easily keep your scarf in place and add a stunning visual accent to anything you wear. The scarf rings for scarves or shawls are trendy, eye-catching, and will always make a statement. Try one of my three ways of wearing a scarf ring to add instant texture to your attire.




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