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DIY Braided Woven Chain Statement Necklace

Posted on 18th Oct 2013 @ 2:41 AM

Trends have started to emerge even in the world of DIY woven chain necklaces, despite their unique designs and rare numbers.If your jewelry box is lacking in DIY woven chain statement necklaces,and choosing which one can be difficult since there are so many beautiful DIY woven chain necklaces available.In order to help you make that choice much more easier, we've created this list of popular types of statement necklaces.

Trio Crystal Pendant Woven Chain Statement Necklace

This Statement Necklace features three marquise shaped crystal pendant design and braided cotton threads woven onto a chunky curb link chain.Crafted in 14K gold plated over alloy.The DIY woven chain statement necklace is in your choice of blue and gray colors.


Blue Crystal Pendant Woven Chain Statement Necklace








Gray Trio Crystal DIY Braided Chain Statement Necklace



DIY Woven Chain Triangle Statement Choker Necklace

This DIY woven chain necklace stands out for the bold irregular triangle pendant design decorated with a clear crytsal.Crafted on gold tone base metal,the triangle statement choker necklace is in your choice of khaki and blue colors.


Blue DIY Woven Chain Triangle Statement Choker








Khaki DIY Braided Chain Triangle Statement Necklace






Black Crystal Pendant DIY Braided Chain Statement Necklace

This DIY braided chain statement necklace stands out for the round shaped crystal pendant dangling frowm a handmade DIY Braided Chain composing of cotten threads and highly polished chunky link curb chains.






You can add the above mentioned DIY Woven or braided chain statement necklaces to your look to express your individuality and independence. A large collection of statement jewelry can be mixed and matched with a small collection of braided and woven chains to give you an extensive necklace collection and many jewelry options.Looking for more DIY Braided Chain statement necklace,please feel free to click here and many other DIY Statement Jewelry can be found on our online store.

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