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The Position and Principle of Wearing a Breastpin Brooch

Posted on 8th Nov 2013 @ 12:19 AM



Breast pin brooch is one of the commonly used decorations among womens in modern society.Their texture are mostly silver or platinum together with diamonds and other precious stones.It will highlightes their beautiful body or status once worn in one's skirts.A breastpin brooch can be used purely as a decoration or to fixed clothes (such as robes, ponchos, scarves, etc.)




The Position and Principle for Male

There are some priciples to wear a breastpin brooch.It is very strict for men to wear men's brooch:the breastpin brooch need to be wear on the left when your colthes has a collar,vice versa.Worn it on the right when most of your hair are on the left, and vice versa, worn on the left side. Moreover, the vertical position of the broach shouble be between the first and second parallel position button. A man wearing a brooch on formal occasions appear to be more solemn.


The Position and Principle for Female




White,ladies will be free to create their own ways to wear their breastpin brooches.The most traditional method is to buckle IT in the jacket lapel, but in this season, flower brooch can be worn anywhere.It is refreshing when a breastpin brooch is worn in a coator jeans pocket. Of course, when worn a formal dress, you can select brooches of larger sizes,the materials should be better and the color should be pure. when wearing a shirt or thin sweater, it is a good idea for you to wear fashionable chic, small and exquisite breastpin brooches.




The Position and Principle for Both Genders


Wearing clothes of asymmetry and irregular,it is better for you to worn breastpin brooch in the middle position since it can can play a visually balancing role.If your clothing color is relatively simple, you can wear a floral brooch, which allows you to show the noble and dignified style.If your shirt is a multi-color, while your skirt or trousers is relatively dark , then you should at wear the smame color breastpin brooch with your multicolor shirt.


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