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How to Match Sweater Chain Necklace

Posted on 14th Nov 2013 @ 11:07 PM

A little sweater chain necklace can make you become a beautiful landscape in borinbg winter.A sweater chain necklace is essential jewelry in autumn and winter, but how to match it is actually a science. Here are some matching method acccording to different kind of sweaters.



First, Cardigan Sweater

Cardigan sweater is popular and essential among ladies.There are basically two kinds: round neck and V-neck. You should pay attention to the overall effect of the overall coordination .When in the choice sweater chain necklace, you should try to choose a fine chain, while pendants can not be too big,the shapes are not too complex.



Second, large lapel sweater

large lapel sweater is a beautiful landscape in autumn and winter , a beautiful neckline and collarbone are exceptionally seductive under the warm sunshine, soft shoulder can also be revealed to show off your women's style.When match a sweater chain with a large lapel seater, you should first pay attention to the correct way.The correct approach should be:the chain is colvered by the large lapel, pendants and part of the chains are exposed in the front of the chest.So we should consider the lapel length in order to choose right size sweater chain necklace.In the same time,the pendant is the most eye-catching part, pendants must be attractive to the eye.




Third, high-necked sweater

high-necked sweater is a common type in fall and winter and also the one which can be easily matched to other types. When match with this kindd of sweater chain,we shoule consider the chain length, and color coordination.




Four, loose high-necked sweater

ThecCharacteristics of loose high-necked sweater is concentrated in large and loose collar which wraps around the collar which causing dynamic fold effect and giving a fresh free and easy feeling. And loose high-necked sweater can also be matched with diiferent kind of necklace. Just pay a little attention to the length of the chain, with a reasonable sweater chain and colors, you can wear a different effects.


Five, V-neck sweater

V-neck sweater is also one of the most common types of sweaters, when matching with a shirt , some kind of the intellectual taste will be revealed.When matching a sweater,you should try to choose the subtle nature sweater chain and the chain should be fine, pendants can not be too exaggerated, the chain length should also be appropriate,a too long or too short necklace will cause with greatly reduce the overall effect.




Sweater is the most popular clothing in autumn and winter, When matching with the right sweater chain necklace,you will make yourself stand out from the many beautiful women.Here is a good sweater chain necklace site okajewelry.com for you to choose many other kind of seater chain,which are of the latest style and of reasonable price.

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