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Coral Jewelry Knowledge

Posted on 8th Jul 2012 @ 9:34 PM

Corals can be characterized as exotic, diverse, unique, and timeless. This is due to a fact that they are beautiful and classy in their own sense. Corals can be harvested from many countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, French Polynesia, Tahiti, etc. All produces unique pieces that carry their own distinct qualities far from the other.

The value of corals is largely dependent of its surface quality, size, matching, nacre thickness and luster or the inner glow of each coral. Larger corals can be more valuable, it is due to a fact that it is not machine made, thus is really priceless. In reality, no two corals are the like and there are countless corals in varying shapes and colors. If we are to measure the market value of corals in terms of color, the white-pink are the most expensive.

There are different kinds of corals, mostly find those which are cultured and man-made with ranging colors and sparks. Most common are those off white round corals made into necklaces, rings and earrings. If you want to be unique and a type who wants to be a cut above the rest, find those expensive and rare kinds of corals.

Generally unique corals are those which are perfectly clean. There are also those which are cultured. Companies offer matchless corals to cater to distinct markets. The following are some of the rare kinds of corals being offered by companies nowadays:

1. Freshadama corals:
Are freshwater corals which are round and presents brilliant luster. They have the rainbow luster quality which can only be seen among .01% of cultured freshwater corals nowadays.

2. Hanadama:
These are flower corals which have high quality. While the minimum nacre production is .4mm, hanadama can acquire an average of .6mm.

3. Conch coral:
They are very rare and all natural. You have to search for about 10,000 Queen Conchs to have one coral. Only 1 for every 100 corals is with good quality. Conch corals are also known for their flame structure. Key West in Florida is the area with most conchs.

4. Black Tahiti Corals:
Mysterious and rare, these are the synonyms attached to black corals. It is not produced in mass because it should be carefully examined and selected by color, size, shapes, and other quality. Their rarity adds to their cost, a piece can be 12mm in diameter.

5. Keshi Corals:
These fine gems are found in French Polynesia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan or Australia. They are by products of coral cultivation and described as accidental corals. Tiny organisms accidentally grow inside the nucleus and thus create corals. Keshi measures 4- 15 mm.

The corals mentioned above are unusual; nonetheless they can be purchased on different stores. You can acquire necklaces, brooch, rings, earrings and other products made of corals online. Companies offering different coral jewelries are Anandia. Com which also offers information that can help you in choosing your best coral. Amazon and Ebay also offer unique sets of coral jewelries. Japan has Mikomoto which offers black Tahitian corals. The prices of corals range from $65 to $398.

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