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Collar brooch pins embracing Fall 2014 accessories trends

Posted on 16th Sep 2014 @ 3:20 AM

From Statement Jewelry Set to brooch Pins, it’s best to pack your sense of humour when embracing Fall 2014 accessories trends. This season, Collar brooch pins are something taken not too seriously by women usually. While some of the ladies love to add them to their jewelry list. Brooch Pins are actually used to hold the shawls in position. Using the pins in an appropriate manner and delicate design can provide ladies with a whole new look. Well that doesn't mean that to full the jewelry box with an assortment of brooch pins; however one must has some of them.







Try using them with bags, scarves and shawls. The results will be astonishing. Ask others for an honest comment and the mirror too as it doesn't lie. Try to use brooches which are in lively and bright colors.



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