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Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Wrist

Posted on 2nd Jul 2015 @ 6:08 AM

Silver Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Wrist

Tennis bracelet becomes famous via the episode of tennis champion Chris Evert, 

who asked match officials to postpone the match until the bracelet was found.

People become inspired the televised scene of Chris Evert looking the bracelet.




Tennis bracelet always exudes your unique glamor, elegance, taste.

For the sleek design and vintage material, tennis bracelet can be worn in all conditions.


The natural sparkle of tennis bracelet speaks of your unique taste and quality. 

Tennis bracelet comes in multiple precious materials, making it a beautiful gift or personal accessories. 



Tennis bracelet comes in multiple colors, silver, gold, rose gold. 

The silver diamond tennis bracelet is most popular among fashion women.



Now present your beautiful wrist by the glamour of tennis bracelet.

You will be surprised by the compliments you recieve from others.





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