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  • Silver Plated Crystal Spider Pin Brooch Purple
  • Gunmetal Crystal Spider Pin Brooch Black Blue
  • Golden Crystal Spider Pin Brooch White
  • # Crystal Spider Pin Brooch
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #
  • Crystal Spider Pin Brooch #

Crystal Spider Pin Brooch

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Detail Information:
 Material  Alloy,Crystal
 Weight  15.10 g
 Size  1.97*2.20 "
 Size of Larger Diamond  0.79*.059"
 Size of Smaller Diamond  0.35"
 Color  Gunmetal + Black Blue,Silver + Purple,Golden + White
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